Welcome to my website. It’s all about HF.

I started listening back in 1968 with a Grundig Heinzelmann 168 GW from 1948 – a regenerative receiver, with two valves, made in Germany. Since then, I had been an almost daily listener on HF. First international broadcast caught my interest, followed by a long period of regional broadcast, preferably in the tropical bands from 120 to 60 m. Since the early 1970’s, I am an avid listener of Utility radio stations, i.e. maritime, aeronautical and point-to-point transmitters. I made my ham radio exam (call sign DK8OK) and chased country after country until I got my membership in “DXCC Honor Roll”.  On this playground I preferred CW and data modes with low power (QRP). One of my last countries worked for DXCC Honor Roll had been North Korea in RTTY with 5 watts out.

Nowadays, I concentrate mainly on Utility DX, or HF Monitoring, with software-defined radios, SDRs. That’s what these pages mainly are about.

I am working as a freelance journalist, writing on science, technology and economics.

Have fun on these pages!

73 Nils, DK8OK