Millihertzing with Software “Carrier Sleuth”

24 hours on 590kHz on January 19, 2021 in Northern Germany, reveals a couple of North American signals with VOCM of St. John’s, Newfoundland being the strongest and KQNT Spokane on 590.002kHz/Washington State the most interesting with reception also in the afternoon.

“Millihertzing” seems to become “le must” of this season. The most recent software stems from smart software author Chris Smolinski, W3HFU, who over many years offers inspiring software,this new one dubbed Carrier Sleuth. It mainly analyzes I/Q-WAV files from software-defined radios at high resolution, being a perfect tool for measuring offset frequencies on mediumave. The screenshot at top shows such a spectrogram which covers 20Hz in width and 24h in length on 590kHz.

Why using “Carrier Sleuth”, when haveing SDRC V3 at hand? First, it works together with a multitude of WAV formats from many different SDR software (see Chris’ list, which is still expanding). Secondly, it let you hop from one channel (9kHz or 10kHz) to the next – if a proper part of the spectrum has already been converted from WAV to FFT. It also provides coverting spectrograms to CSV to apply some statistics on each signal. There are many more smart feature, and Chris will even add some exciting more, e.g. processing I/Q files in real time to save a lot of time.

With my bread-and-butter software being SDRC V3, recording in WAV RF64 one-file format (which sometime swells to nearly 10TB), “Carrier Sleuth” can even digest these recordings with a workaround: specify an interesting part of the medium wave, defined by upper and lower channel and time segment, and convert this into simple WAV. This is easily done with SDRC V3’s Data File Editor. It is also the way, Carrier Sleuth produced the screenshot at top of this page.

Chris published this software first on December 10, 2020. He eagerly looks for bug reports, applications and further suggestions form the users. Take a free test drive; registration code 19.99 US-$.


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