Sporadic-E: Some Examples FM-Band/Broadcast

Three in a row: Reception from three stations from Algeria at the same time over a distance of about 1’800 km on 31May2020, 12:00 UTC

Again, Sporadic-E reception. Now some examples from the FM Broadcast Band (87.5 to 108.0 MHz), as received in spring 2020 at my location in Northern Germany. See my former post for examples from the OIRT FM Band.

87,9 MHz: Radio France Culture, Porto Vecchio (1208 km), ID, 31May2020, 12:00 UTC.

88,8 MHz: Radio Annaba, Souk Aras/Algeria (1791 km). ID in Arabic, 31May2020, 15:00 UTC

90,4 MHz: Radio Setif FM, Setif/Algeria (1829 km). ID in Arabic, 29MAY2020, 18:28 UTC

91,9 MHz: Rádio Comercial, Serra de Bornes/Portugal (1772 km). ID-jingle in Portuguese. 29May2020, 17:50 UTC.

95,1 MHz: BBC Radio 4 FM from Eitshal/Isle of Lewis (1224 km). BBC-ID, 31May2020, 15:00 UTC.

94,1 MHz: Top Albania Radio/Shkoder (1356 km). ID in Albanian. 29May2020, 17:00 UTC

100.7 MHz: Radio Coran-Algerie from Kef El Akhal [1802 km]. ID in Arabic. 31May2020, 12:00 UTC.

102,3 MHz: Nevis Radio/Mallaig, UK (1139 km). 29May2020, 11:00 UTC.

92,8 MHz: Radio Energy, Kiew (1428 km), ID in Ukrainian, 31May2020, 15:53 UTC.

97,8 MHz: Radio Azzura, Marsala/Sicily (1640 km). ID in Italian, 31May2020, 15:02 UTC

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