Medium Wave: Ex oriente DX

Medium wave saison has started, and am I trying to make the best out of it. Conditions are fascinating different from day to day, and even from minute to minute. With mainly focusing on “East of Suez”, with some other in between, please find some 50+ audio logs below. Click “Read More” button at the end, to expand the list to full length.
I am very much indebted to Christoph, OE2CRM, who with his very special mixture of charme and nuisance more or less forced me to explore a bit more of this frequency range 😉 First of all, I was and still am attracted by his outstanding logs which had been held impossible in Mid-Europe in the last decades.
I am using an Elad FDM-S2 at a wire loop of 20 m circumference with Wellbrook’s Large Aperture Loop Amplifier ALA100LN plus 7th order elliptic low-pass filter (1,5 MHz) by Heros to avoid any spilling over from HF (mainly that of: Radio Romania International); software used V3 from Simon Brown.


Part of the QSL from “Fishery Radio Station” (Taiwan Chü Yuyeh Kuangpo Tientai), BEL3, 100 kW, 1143 kHz, received September 25, 2017, 19:00 UTC. 謝謝, Station Manager Jin Mey Ju!

1700 kHz USA-Florida  WJCC Radio Mega in French, Miami Springs, 10 kW, 10-OCT-2017, 02:00 UTC.  Several IDs (e.g. in French) of this multi-cultural broadcaster.


1584 kHz G  Punjab Radio, in Hindi/English, London, 2 kW, 15-AUG-2017, 20:00 UTC. ID.


1566 kHz KOR  HLAZ FEBC in Korean, Jeju, 250 kW, 26-SEP-2017, 17:00 UTC


1566 kHz HOL  Vahon Hindustani Radio in Hindi, Den Haag, 1 kW, 23-AUG-2017, 22:00 UTC. ID in Hindi.


1557 kHz TWN  RTI iLoveMusic in Chinese, Kouhu, 300 kW, 20-SEP-2017, 16:55 UTC.


1550 kHz ALG  Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic National Radio in Arabic, Tindouf, 50 kW, 27-SEP-2017, 21:01 UTC. ID: “RASD punto [?] info …” & in Arabic


1540 kHz USA-Iowa  KXEL in English, Waterloo, 50 kW, 10-OCT-2017, 02:00 UTC. ID: “The Voice of eastern Iowa, news talk 15-40, KXEL, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids …”


1521 kHz CHN  CRI Radio Kitaja, in Russian, Ürümqi, 500 kW, 23-AUG-2017, 18:00 UTC.


1521 kHz G  Radio Punj, in Hindi, Coventry, 0,04 kW, 04-SEP-2017, 23:00 UTC. ID.


1512 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Ardabil, in Farsi, Ardabil, 50 kW, 25-OCT-2017, 17:30 UTC. ID.


1494 kHz CHN  Xinjiang RGD 738 in Chinese, 19-SEP-2017, 00:00 UTC.


1476,3 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Kordestan in Kurdish, Marivan, 20 kW, 26-SEP-2017, 20:30 UTC. Local ID.


1467,4 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Qom in Farsi, Qom, 100 kW, 21-SEP-2017, 23:02 UTC. Local ID: “Inja Radio Qom.”


1395 kHz HOL  Studio Denakker in Dutch, Klazienaveen, 0,1 kW, 06-SEP-2017, 20:41 UTC. ID, which is transmitted quite rarely.


1395 kHz HOL  Loostad Radio in Dutch, Apeldoorn, 0,1 kW, 15-OCT-2017, 23:00 UTC. ID.


1386 kHz CHN  Tianjin RGD, Tianjin Life Channel in Chinese, Yangliuquing, 50 kW, 23-OCT-2017, 15:00 UTC. IDs in Chinese, time signal.


1377 kHz CHN  CNR 1 Xingyang in Chinese, Xingyang, 600 kW, 24-SEP-2017, 20:28 UTC.


1350 kHz ARG  LS6 Radio Buenos Aires in Spanish, Burzaco, 25 kW, 24-OCT-2017, 01:00 UTC.


1350 kHz BRA  ZYH201 Rádio Capital Acre in Portuguese, Rio Branco, 10 kW, 02-NOV-2017, 05:01 UTC. TS at 05:01:45 UTC, ID: “… Rádio Capital Acre 1350 kilohertz uma emisora da … capital …” (TNX Patrick & Martin for lending me their ears!)


1341 kHz PAK  PBS Radio Pakistan, B[a]hawalpur, 10 kW, 25-OCT-2017, 16:00 UTC. ID in Punjabi [?]: “A sala’am … Radio Pakistan [at second 14] …”, news. 3 time beeps, delayed by 14 seconds.


1278 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Kermanshah in Farsi, Kermanshah, 10 kW, 16-OCT-2017, 02:05 UTC. Local ID.


1323 kHz ROU  Radio Neumarkt in German, Targu-Mures, 15 kW, 25-SEP-2017, 18:00 UTC. Local ID: “Hier ist Radio Neumarkt mit dem Programm in deutscher Sprache.”


1296 kHz AFG  Radio Ashna in Pashtu, Kabul, 400 kW, 25-SEP-2017, 17:00 UTC. ID.


1278 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Kermanshah in Farsi, Azarshahr, 200 kW, 19-SEP-2017, 19:21 UTC. Local ID.


1269 kHz UAE  Radio Asia in Malay/English, Ras-al-Khaimah, 200 kW, 19-SEP-2017, 18:00 UTC. Jingle-ID.


1188 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Payam in Farsi, Tehran, 300 kW, 06-JUL-2017, 20:30 UTC. ID: “Radio Payam” (which is not a location, but a format, meaning “message” with music, traffic and news).


1143 kHz TWN  BEL3 Taiwan Chü Yuyeh Kwangpo Tientai [Taiwan Fishery Radio] in Chinese, Baisha, 100 kW, 25-SEP-2017, 19:00 UTC. Jingle (steel drums?) & ID.


1143 kHz KOR  Radio Free Korea in Korean, Deogyan-gu, 100 kW, 21-SEP-2017, 18:00 UTC. A good example of changing conditions, this day Korea prevailing, and Taiwan in the background.


1098 kHz TWN  BED97 Radio Taiwan International in Chinese, Kouhu, 300 kW, 11-OCT-2017, 17:00 UTC. Time signal & ID “… Taiwan …”


1026 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Tabriz in Farsi, Bakhtaran, 200 kW, 26-SEP-2017, 17:30 UTC. Advertisement for cosmetics of, ID: “Inja Tabriz ast, Shabakeh Ostaniye.”


972 kHz KOR  HLCA KBS Hanminjong Bangsong 1 in Korean, Dangjin, 750/1500 kW, 21-SEP-2017, 17:30 UTC & 18:00 UTC. ID in Korean, plus “K-B-S”, Spotnick-like jingle.


963 kHz TUN  RTT Tunis in French, Tunis, 100 kW, 19-SEP-2017, 19:21 UTC. ID in English, Italian, Spanish and German.


950 kHz CACKNB Campbellton, 10 kW, 07-NOV-2017, 00:12 UTC. ID in English, “Your community, your station, ninety-five, C-K-N-B”.


936 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Markaze Azerbaijaneh Gharb in Azerbaijan?, Fesanduz, 300 kW, 16-OCT-2017, 16:23 UTC, no specific ID, but mentioning “Iran” in the end of the audio clip.


927 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Lorestan in Farsi, Dorud, 10 kW, 16-OCT-2017, 16:31 UTC. ID: “Inja … Radio Lorestan”.


918 kHz IND  All India Radio North Suratgarh in Hindi/English, Lucknow, 300 kW, 21-SEP-2017, 17:30 UTC.


917 kHz NIG  Radio GOTEL Yola in Vernaculars/Haussa/English, Jabura, 50 kW, 15/16-OCT-2017, 21:58 UTC ID, 22:27 UTC promo-ID “Radio GOTEL”, 04:00 UTC signing on.


891 kHz CHN  Ningxia RGD News Radio in Chinese/English, Yinchuan, 200 kW, 15-OCT-2017, 22:00 UTC, ID “Ningxia xinwen kwangpo … Ningxia xinwen kwangpo … News Radio”.


891 kHz THA  Sor. Wor. Thor, Sathaanii Witthayu Krajaisiang Haeng Prathet Thai
Khruengkhai Thii Neung (Radio Thailand, First Network)
in Thai, Nong Khae, 1000 kW, 16-OCT-2017, picks from 16:00 (time signal) to 16:55 UTC.


864 kHz ARM  TWR Bütün Dunya Radio in Turkmen, Gavar, 1000 kW, 16-OCT-2017, 16:10 UTC, ID.


837 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Esfahan in Farsi, Esfahan, 400 kW, 15-OCT-2017, 17:30 UTC, IS & ID.


819 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Mazandaran in Farsi, Sari, 30 kW, 15-OCT-2017, 17:30 UTC, IS & ID.


819 kHz EGY  ERTU Al-Barnameg al-Aam Al-Qahira in Arabic, Batrah, 1000 kW, 17-OCT-2017, 03:00 UTC, chimes.


783 kHz SYR  SRTV 1 Radio Damashq in German, Tartus, 300 kW, 21-SEP-2017, 18:00 UTC. ID “… Radio Damaskus, die Nachrichten … das waren, liebe Hörer, die heutigen Nachrichten von Radio Damaskus. Es folgt nun der politische Kommentar”.


765 kHz UKR  Radio Maiak in Ukrainian, Petrivka, 40 kW, 23-OCT-2017, 15:58 UTC. ID.


747 kHz IND  All India Radio Lucknow in Hindi/English, Surathgarh, 300 kW, 21-SEP-2017, 17:30 UTC.


711 kHz TWN  BEC72 Han Sheng GD Kuanghua zhi Sheng in Chinese, Hsinfeng, 250 kW, 24-OCT-2017, 16:00 UTC. ID.


702 kHz IRN  IRIB Tolishi Radio in Talysh, Kiashahr, 500 kW, 26-SEP-2017, 17:30 UTC. Talysh is a Northwestern Iranian Language of about 750.000 speakers in Iran and neighbouring Azerbaidjan. “Love’s Rainfall” by Nasser Cheshmazar, ID “Tolishi Radio”, National Anthem. See also:


675 kHz QAT  Qatar Media Corporation in Arabic, Al Arish, 600 kW, 15-OCT-2017, 17:00 UTC, ID, “… Doha”


612 kHz RUS  Radio Radonezh in Russian, Moscow/Kurkino, 20 kW, 10-OCT-2017, 17:00 UTC. ID in Russian.


594 kHz ARS  SBC Riyadh in Arabic, Duba, 2000 kW, 27-SEP-2017, 03:00 UTC. ID in Arabic.


585 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Farhang in Farsi, Tehran, 600 kW, 15-OCT-2017, 17:30 UTC. IS & ID [at 00:46].


558 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Iran in Farsi, Tehran, 600 kW, 15-OCT-2017, 17:30 UTC. IS & ID.





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