Medium Wave Adventures


China & Taiwan, Korea, Afghanistan – “That’s my desire” [studio take by Chuck Berry; November 19, 1958]

Eventually, I couldn’t resist the siren’s songs of Christoph, OE2CRM. These consist of breathtaking audio files of some marvels he received at his unique remote receiving station.

Throughout my DX life, I had been an addict more to HF than to medium wave. But Christoph’s results made the trick to convince me also trying this band. Still slowly groping forward in this band like a white sticker, I liked even the first results a bit. Please find below a hopefully growing collection of audio clips. They were received with my loop of 20 m circumference, mostly with Wellbrook’s active head ALA100LN for these large aperture loops. Receiver is mainly Perseus or Elad’s FDM-S2. They all were received in Northern Germany. Let’s go, and don’t forget to to click the READ MORE button for – listening to much more!

1610 kHz CAN  CHHA – La Voces Latinas in Spanish, Toronto, 6,25 kW, 2017-01-09, 06:23 UTC

1575 kHz THA  VoA with ID/Yankee Doodle, Ban Phachi, 1000/500 kW, 2016-11-29, 15:00 UTC

1566 kHz KOR  HLAZ FEBC in Chinese, Jeju, 250 kW, 2016-11-20, 14:44 UTC

1557 kHz TWN  Radio Taiwan International, “RTI News”, Kouhu, 300 kW, 2016-11-20, 15:57 UTC

1521 kHz CHN  China Radio International in Russian, Ürümqi, 500 kW, 2016-11-20, 14:00 UTC

1512 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Ardabil in Farsi, Ardabil, 50 kW, 2016-12-10, 16:30 UTC

1510 kHz USA-MA  WMEX, Boston, 50 kW, 2016-12-07, 07:00 UTC

1500 kHz USA-DC  WFED Federal News Radio, Washington, 50 kW, 2016-12-08, 06:00 UTC

1494 kHz MDA  Radio Moldova in Moldovian, Cahul/Edinet, max. 30 kW, 2016-11-26, 16:00 UTC

1476 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Kordestan in Kurdestani, Marivan, 20 kW, 20116-11-26, 15:45 UTC

1467 kHz KGZ  Trans World Radio Pani in Pashtu, Krasnaya Rechka, 500 kW, 2016-11-26, 15:00 UTC

1467,4 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Qom in Farsi, Qom, 100 kW, 2016-11-26, 15:19 UTC

1449 kHz IRN  IRIB in Turkmen, Bandar-e Torkaman, 400 kW, 2016-11-27, 14:30 UTC

1377 kHz CHN  Chinese National Radio CNR1 in Chinese, Xingyang, 600 kW, 2016-11-20, 15:30 UTC

1377 kHz UKR  Radio Khvyila “Teleradiokompaniya Vintera”, Ukrainian, Vinnitsya, 7 kW, 2016-11-26, 15:01 UTC

1320 kHz VEN  Radio Apolo YVWP in Spanish, Turmero, 3 kW, 2016-12-07, 07:00 UTC

1296 kHz AFG  VoA Radio Ashna in Pashtu, Kabul, 400 kW, 2016-11-26, 14:30 UTC

1278 kHz IRN  IRIB Radio Kermanshah in Farsi, Kermanshah, 200 kW, 2016-10-24, 16:00 UTC

1269 kHz UAE  Radio Asia, Slogan ID, Ras al-Khaimah, 200 kW, 2016-12-01, 20:00 UTC

1188 kHz IRN  Radio Payam in Farsi, Tehran, 300 kW, 2012-12-01, 23:00 UTC

1143 kHz TWN  Taiwan Chü Yuyeh Kuangpo Tientai in Chinese, Baisha, 100 kW, 2016-11-20, 15:00 UTC

1134 kHz KOR  HLKC in Korean, Hwaseong, 500 kW, 2016-11-20, 15:00 UTC

1134 kHz KWT  Radio Kuwait in Arabic, Kabd, 100 kW, 2010-12-10, 14:00 UTC

1107 kHz AFG  Radio Afghanistan in Pashtu, Kabul, 400? kW, 2016-11-26, 14:30 UTC

1098 kHz TWN  Radio Taiwan International RTI in Chinese, Kouhu, 300 kW, 2016-11-20, 14:00 UTC

1017 kHz CHN  China Radio International [?] in Korean, Changchun, 200/100 kW, 20116-11-20. 15:21 UTC

963 kHz TUN  RTT Tunis International RTTI in German, Djedeida, 100 kW, 2016-11-20, 14:35 UTC

891 kHz CHN  Ningxia RGD News Radio [?] in Chinese, Yinchuan, 200 kW, 2016-11-20, 14:42 UTC

891 kHz TUR  TRT Radio Bir in Turkish, Antalya-Aksu, 100 kW, 2016-12-20, 03:00 UTC

801 kHz TWN  Han Sheng GD Kuanghua zhi Sheng in Chinese, Kuanyin, 250 kW, 2016-11-21, 16:00 UTC

711 kHz TWN  Han Sheng GD Kuanghua zhi Sheng in Chinese, Hsinfeng, 250 kW, 2016-11-20, 15:00 UTC

702 kHz IRN  IRIB in Azerbaijani [?], Kiashahr, 500 kW, 2016-11-27, 14:30 UTC


  • Nils,
    Try a K9AY. A nondirectional loop is too less for the lower Bands. See my results on
    73 from Giessen, Willi

    • … I know, Willi, and your results are quite impressive; congrats! Alas, it’s a Bit difficult to set up one in the garden here … Will see how my loop will work out this season. 73 Nils

  • Hi Nils,

    vielen Dank für die tollen Aufnahmen. Das macht Lust es selbst mal zu probieren. Deine Artikel haben mir immer gut gefallen. Weiter so!

    73 aus Kaltenkirchen, Norbert / DL8LAQ

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