Active Antennas, Interference by Power Supplies: A Test


If you don’t have much place, an active antenna is a fine alternative. You have to concentrate just on the signal-to-noise ratio, not so much on the S-Meter.

A recent test of some pre-production and (semi-)professional active antennas did not only had stunning results, but also draw my attention to noise coming from the switching power supplies of SDRs.

I did some investigations on both the performance of two active antenna vs. a quad loop of 20 m circumference and the noise coming from switched power supplies vs. two linear regulated power supplies.

All tests are richly illustrated, and the 25-pager also consists of many audio examples. So you can hear what you might get.

The tested active antennas are still in development and not on the market yet. Thus, the paper gives a more general impression of how active antennas might perform.

Despite some text in German, all captions are written in English. Even if you don’t speak German, you will make full use of the information.

Click here: Test: Active Antennas/Power Supplies

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